Live on BBC Introducing Bristol 9​​/​​2​​/​​2012

by Bravo Brave Bats

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released February 9, 2012



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Track Name: The Great Outdoors
We dreamed of the golden roads, the diamond studded doorways
We left to spin the big wheels in the city

When I see the golden fields lining the motorway
I know I spin big wheels in the city

When I see those rolling hills, those star-shrouded mountains
I know I've been dying in the city

Yes we're dying the city
Track Name: Highwire/Tightrope
Strong hearts don’t last.
Quick brains grow slow.
There’s no turning back from here;
We know, we know.
Quick brains we have,
Strong hearts we own.
Make now the most of them.
‘Cos mostly we don’t.

Highwires and tightropes.
Daydreams and solid hopes;
The poison, the antidote.
Highwires and tightropes.
On great plains are we antelopes?
On great plains are we lions?

Will my headstone read:
“No fear, a life worth the living
ended here”

As always, life goes on.
We’re part of a continuum
And as always, I’m the last to know.
Track Name: Robots
We built a robot, out of odds and ends
And stuff we found lying round the house.
We built a robot, out of bits of wood,
Tin cans, elastic bands and anything we could
Lay our little hands on.
A heart, a head, two LEDs for eyes,
Two hands, two arms, two legs.
But it don’t work like that all.

We wrote a program on the CPU
With all the robot things that robots like to do.
We built a robot, gave it a smile.
Our robot knows that there is pleasure
In going the extra mile.
But it don’t work like that at all.

Robotic arms, robotic legs, robotic heart, robotic head.