(Purple EP)

by Bravo Brave Bats

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released November 14, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Red Giant
Until the day that the sky falls in.
Until the day the sun grows
To a red giant, encompassing
Everything that I know.

Until the day the stars turn backwards
And race towards the place it all began.

Until the day that my lungs collapse.
Until the day my heart bursts
And my mind goes wandering off.
Lost within its own universe.

I know I should have told you so.

I’ll love you ‘til the end off all this.
I’ll love you though you may not know it.
Track Name: Pilgrim's Progress
Pilgrim get back on your feet.
Don’t slip now.
In every adventure you meet.
Don’t slip now.
Where I failed you will succeed.
Don’t slip now.
‘Cos when I court disaster it sure falls for me.

Feathers and wax and the heat of the sun.
I never tried to do it on my own.
I only flew high to impress everyone.
And there’s still flesh on my finger bones.
Pure minded pilgrim keep hope in your heart.
Sun forward, shadows home.
Don’t land on the moon if you aimed for the stars.

And I know that there’s pattern in chaos
But is there maths in madness?
All I lived my life by
Was undone in this mess.
So pickle my body in champagne
And put me on ice.
Don’t wake me up ‘til next Friday night.

Pilgrim you’re better than me.
Don’t slip now.
In every way all I can be.
Don’t slip now.
Fear not affairs of the heart.
Sun forward, shadows home.
Don’t land on the moon if you aimed for the stars.
Track Name: Highwire/Tightrope
Strong hearts don’t last.
Quick brains grow slow.
There’s no turning back from here;
We know, we know.
Quick brains we have,
Strong hearts we own.
Make now the most of them.
‘Cos mostly we don’t.

Highwires and tightropes.
Daydreams and solid hopes;
The poison, the antidote.
Highwires and tightropes.
On great plains are we antelopes?
On great plains are we lions?

Will my headstone read:
“No fear, a life worth the living
ended here”

As always, life goes on.
We’re part of a continuum
And as always, I’m the last to know.
Track Name: 1000 Things Before You Die
I saw a list, a list:
1000 things before you die.
And if that’s my judge,
What a failure I must be.
A bar set so high
Is far too far for me.

Take heart, be young, work harder.
I’ll be the name on your lips.
I’ll be the lips that you wanna kiss.

Almost embarrassed how
The shiny trinkets catch my eye.
Still it grows green beneath my feet
As envy clouds my aspiration.

Gut a pig and watch it die.
Climb the Eiger.
Make a million.
Visit Venice before it sinks.
Wear a fitted suit.
Eat a blowfish.
Take a gap-year in the East.
Full-moon parties.
California at last.
Abseil down the Eiffel Tower.

This is something that we should be fighting
Not something that we should accept.
Although the war’s been lost,
The battles are not all done yet.
This will not be something we used to do
Back in the days of the youth.
It’s all really love,
And who I really am.
Track Name: Robots
We built a robot, out of odds and ends
And shit we found lying round the house.
We built a robot, out of bits of wood,
Tin cans, elastic bands and anything we could
Lay our little hands on.
A heart, a head, two LEDs for eyes,
Two hands, two arms, two legs.
But it don’t work like that all.

We wrote a program on the CPU
With all the robot things that robots like to do.
We built a robot, gave it a smile.
Our robot knows that there is pleasure
In going the extra mile.
But it don’t work like that at all.

Robotic arms, robotic legs, robotic heart, robotic head.
Track Name: Final Song
Here is sadness.
Here’s what cannot be replaced.
Here is sickness.
Here’s the end you cannot face.

This is love son
And here is love poured from my hands.
This is helpless.
This kind of love makes such demands.

Should you feel it,
Should you feel tied but never tethered:
This is love, son
And it will last forever.

See it coming
As it is coming to us all.
Keep on running
Only fools would take it on.

Keep on running
You can’t outpace it but it buys you time.
And in the end, son,
I hope there’s someone by your side.

Hand in hand, walking slowly home
To the letting go.